Essay on Coffee and Heart Disease

Essay on Coffee and Heart Disease

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About the role of coffee free from caffeine, the emergence of heart disease and reinforce what you are talking about medical sources in recent times that regular coffee, tea and other drinks natural containing caffeine is actually beneficial and not harmful to the heart or in the emergence of illnesses through the containment of antioxidants to oxidation. But too early to build a lot on this study, because what distinguishes the development of medicine in the past few years is scientific research on the basis of minutes to give medical advice as indicated by the studies, and some of which were contrary to what was believed for many years.
In scientific symposia for the American Heart Association meeting in Dallas the middle of this month, researchers announced from Atlanta, Georgia that decaffeinated coffee raises the risk of heart disease by more than what you could do regular coffee. The study, called the study of coffee, fats, protein by the researcher, Dr. Robert Cyprko and his team, including research addressing the impact of both types of coffee, what is decaffeinated by a natural and ranges between 3 to 6 cups a day for two months. At the end of the study, researchers found no difference between the percentage analysis of blood sugar after fasting or the proportion of insulin or blood cholesterol or total cholesterol, heavy or useful for the body fat percentage between the three study groups. But interestingly, is that the percentage of free fatty acids between the high of decaffeinated coffee drinkers, which is associated with high light cholesterol, LDL cholesterol on the arteries in the heart and more.

But noted the study, it was a short-term did not include only about 200 people, and we need to prove damage of thi...

... middle of paper ...

...rm to adults and children. It also analyzes the components of the bone and make it vulnerable to the fragility and also the case with teeth, in addition to the lack of body fluids and exposure to dry quickly. Nor is it true that caffeine leads to the Palace of bone growth of children and thus the lack of height.

Security caffeine intake during pregnancy is still controversial among researchers, but many of the studies warn of eating high amounts of it because there is a risk, considering abortion, premature delivery or low birth weight, despite the absence of strong evidence of this is what needs to be further study. But caffeine is no secret that cross the placenta to the fetus when a pregnant mother dealt with as it comes out with breast milk, raising the pulse rate of the fetus and infant, as well as increase the amount of movement and activity.

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