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Can Osteoporosis Be Reversed? Osteoporosis is a medical condition where bones become fragile and brittle from loss of bone tissue, typically resulting from a deficiency of calcium or vitamin D, and/or hormonal changes. Osteoporosis affects both men and women, but white and Asian women, especially older women who are post-menopause are at a higher risk. Osteoporosis happens when new bone can’t replace the loss of old bone fast enough; but can osteoporosis be reversed? Not exactly. However, you may be able to mitigate it. Can Osteoporosis Be Reversed? Realistically speaking, the goal is to help prevent future fractures from occurring or re-occurring. You can reverse the consequences of osteoporosis with a variety of medications to help prevent bone loss or…show more content…
Things You Can Do to Prevent Osteoporosis You can build strong bones and help prevent osteoporosis with a healthy diet, weight-bearing exercise, and a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. $ Stop Sodas Sodas, especially cola, contain phosphorous in the form of phosphoric acid, and too much phosphorous may reduce the amount of calcium that the body can absorb. Certain soft drinks may also contain caffeine in high amounts that can cause bone loss. However, some carbonated mineral waters are beneficial to good bone health. For good bone health, it is best to stop drinking sodas or highly caffeinated soft drinks. $ Stop Drinking Coffee Every cup of coffee that you drink causes you to lose 150 mg of calcium through your urine, and chemically decaffeinated coffee is not any better, because it has chemicals that hinders the process of detoxification. Naturally decaffeinated teas might be a better substitute, but if you have to drink coffee, at least add some milk or cream to increase your calcium level for every cup you drink. $ Keep a Healthy

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