Essay on Children Of Age And Older Adults

Essay on Children Of Age And Older Adults

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Parents today say that one is not an adult until they are just about thirty years of age and older. That is said to be, because adults thirty years, and older feel as though if people are younger than them; then one has not been through anything to have considered themselves an adult. Adults thirty years and older consider themselves to be adults because they feel they have went through a lot more than a person in their twenties and younger. People thirty years of age and older feel because they have kids, drive, and pay for their car notes, and pay for a mortgage and or pay rent that they are an adult. Considering that having kids make thirty years and older people an adult because they have to provide for their children. Rather if it’s feeding them, clothing them comforting them, picking them up from school, practice, and or daycare. This makes them an adult. It is a major responsibility; these adults are putting themselves before their children making sure that they priorities are taking care of before anything else. As well as having a mortgage or rent Adults thirty years and ol...

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