The Aging American Population

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The Aging American Population The American population has changed dramatically over the last

century. Our society has become effected by this in all areas and

walks of life. It is unknown what the future holds for America, but

the statistical trends in an aging population may shed some light. The

rate of aging in the United States will increase dramatically in the

second and subsequent decades of the century. Within the United

States, the size of the population over age 65 has soared during this

century, increasing from 3 million in 1900 to 34.3 million today.

Since 1940, the population of people over 65 has tripled and is

projected to more than double again by 2050.

The industrial revolution ushered in several technological

advancements and changes in American Society. One area that has seen

great progress is medical care, which has greatly improved the life

expectancy of Americans. This, coupled with the influx of new births

after WWII, commonly referred to as the “Baby Boomer” generation, has

contributed to an American population dominated by 50 to 60 year

olds. This drastic increase can directly effect multiple areas of our

society. Economically, we will see a decrease in the workforce because

of a growing retiree community. Increases in the public debt would

result largely from high health costs associated with the care of

those over 65 and proportionally fewer taxpayers under 65 replenishing

government revenues. People over 65 comprised 13 percent of the...

... middle of paper ... can affect the

health and productivity of the next generation of Americans.”

This abstract looks at the need to concern ourselves with this

generations health and

wellness. Because the children are now a minority of the overall

population, it is

important to realize the implications of an aging society.

U.S.–fertility rates are lower

than what is needed to replace the population. In the United States,

fertility rates have

dropped from 3.6 children per woman in 1960 to 2.0 today.

The basis of this essay was to state the reasons why I think the aging


population is going to affect our society. The above facts are

irrefutable evidence that

there is going to be an effect and if the problems are not addressed

soon, there could be

severe economic and sociological implications.
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