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The challenges and impacts of ageing population on OECD countries: higher age care facilities requirement and healthy life expectancies The challenges and impacts of ageing population on OECD countries which are; higher requirement of aged care facilities and the prevalence of health expectancies are examined in this essay. Several factors like nutrition and effective nursing care are the significant reasons behind this. The population of the world will age much faster in the next decades than previously with the continuation of fertility decline and increase in life expectancy (Auer & Fortuny, 2000). Ageing is the fact of human life we are born; we grow up and become older and in due coverage time we die. As this course of human life is celebrated as a human success but rapid and wide spread ageing is one of the key elements transforming the influence in quality health development and productivity. It is assumed around 1.2 billion people of age 65 but it can incline 1.5 billion in today’s less developed countries, however it seems to be reflecting the overview of 22% of aged population in OECD countries by the end of 2050 (U.N., 2002). This essay argues that in general, to provide the optimum level of care to the elderly peoples, achievement of dynamic requirements according to their limitations is the huge challenge ahead, the provision of quality services for many of the oldest old population will increase expenditures significantly. Older population growth directly or indirectly affects the good health expectancy. It is argued that the reasons behind this are good nutrition and effective nursing car...

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... & Hussey, 2001). Preventive, Supportive, curative and rehabilitative motive of wellbeing, cure current diseases and regain a lost potential, which is numerously contributing to extend a life.
This essay has shown that, oldest old population of OECD countries is accelerating much quicker past few decades than before. Higher requirements of aged care facilities and dominance of health expectancy among elderly people are enormous challenges for industrialized countries. Provision of adequate nutrition and high rank of efficient nursing care are crucial Factors which are causative for people living longer. For the maintenance of better health for all, delivery of quality manpower and services is obligatory which requires a complex expenditure as the life expectancy will be increasing in developed
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