Essay on Challenges Of A New Business Venture

Essay on Challenges Of A New Business Venture

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Case Question on a Case A: Pandesic- The Challenges of a New Business Venture.
1.Strategy Content:
a. The Product/Opportunity and Risks:
The Business originate when Intel’s vice president and worldwide planning and logistics Harold Hughes noticed that there is major shift in Intel’s customer base and the increasing number of Intel customers were small “mom and pop” shops that are scattered all across areas such as southeast Asia. To meet the communication and information needs of working with a growing number of small customers, Intel and the SAP team turned to internet. The initial idea was focused on web enabling SAP/R3, the core of SAP’s ERP system and intel used the new system through to communicate and transact with its smaller customers. But Soon Hughes and others realized that some of the key functionality of the system might be leveraged externally into the border internet market. They believed that their system could be sold as an enhanced version of their own system to small and medium-sized enterprises looking to run web-based business. From this the venture was originate.
External Analysis:
Developing requirement for productive assignment of assets to minimize costs and for the computerization of business procedures, by e-retailers, through the utilization of electronic applications will advantage Pandesic as the e-business arrangement being created by it satisfies every one of the prerequisites expressed.
Rising necessity for e-business arrangements and items in European and Asian nations and also the decrease in time and cost in bridging nations will empower Pandesic to access remote markets at diminished expenses and enhance its image acknowledgment.
Web utilization around the...

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...orship from Grove.
• Parent organization, Intel had the system to put resources into organizations that utilized Intel 's High-end microprocessors.
2. Impact of Structural Context
Psndesic structural context was not good because they didn’t achieve the sales target that they expected to reach and they are also spending huge amount of money in marketing. Even more the sales model that they made did not appear to be working. Several of the initial sales representative personal contacts of the management team and were not the result of the sales system itself. Partners of pandesic started to think the product of pandesic was too complex. 30/30 challenge seem not to be productive because everyone then focus on the sales and it also conflict with the companies vision and in later part in didn’t generate much sale while the target sale was 30 but they sell only 2.

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