Direct Sales Objectives And Modern Sales Approach To Marketing

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1 (a) Direct sales approach objectives and modern personal selling...

Sales forces drive revenue for their employers by actively seeking out and engaging customer prospects. Sales can be described as the most personal branch of the marketing function, as salespeople often work directly with customers, either face to face, over the phone or in online sales chat. Sales force objectives and strategies are mainly concerned with boosting companies' top-line revenue growth but may also strive to reduce marketing costs and increase profitability.

Sales Growth

The most basic of sales force objectives is to raise the total sales numbers in each period, generally each week, month or quarter. Sales forces record the number of customers served daily, …show more content…

Reporting and monitoring function - this is also important to ensure that the company can enhance the monitoring and overlooking with regards to the effective a application of sales management process and activities together with the development of a reporting function.

2 (b) Modern approach for sales development for MEDEX LINK
Modern Sales Approaches
There are several approaches to selling that MEDEX link can develop in order to build long-lasting relations with the customers. They are:
It is seen that the salesmen share the same values with their customers. They know and foresee the customers’ needs. Thus, as partners, the salesmen now play an equally supporting and symbiotic role with their customers than simply hard-core selling.

Relationship selling
To sustain a competitive advantage and increase the profitability, salesmen have to focus on building long-term relationships with customers. These relationships can be built not only between MEDEX LINK and the customer but also between the customer and your firm. The relationship gets nurtured when the salesmen provide their clients with more services, satisfying their needs, and develops stronger bonds with the …show more content…

Some staffs perform only one of these functions but some may perform two or all the three functions. The primary advantage is the use of expertise of staff specialists by the line personnel. The span of control of line managers can be increased because they are relieved of many functions which the staff people perform to assist the line.
Some advantages are:
(i) Even through a line and staff structure allows higher flexibility and specialization it may create conflict between line and staff personnel.
(ii) Line managers may not like staff personnel telling them what to do and how to do it even though they recognize the specialists’ knowledge and expertise.
(iii) Some staff people have difficulty adjusting to the role, especially when line managers are reluctant to accept advice.
(iv) Staff people may resent their lack of authority and this may cause line and staff conflict.


1. Line and staff have direct vertical relationship between different levels.
2. Staff specialists are responsible for advising and assisting line managers/officers in specialized

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