Causes And Consequences Of Juvenile Delinquency Essay

Causes And Consequences Of Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Causes of Juvenile Delinquency
There are trigger factors that cause juvenile delinquent characteristics and behavior to develop. These characteristics promotes the thought of these action to be seen as learnt behavior. These factors include, but are not limited to, race, gender, age, social factor, peer influences, truancy, drugs, gangs, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and also mental health. Race can play be big part in the way individuals conduct themselves, especially since society has its own perception and expectations of each race. Throughout the entire criminal justice system, studies have shown that minority groups such as African Americans/Blacks and Hispanics have accounted for a higher percentage of more violent crimes, while Caucasians are involved in less violent crimes throughout the United States of America. This then creates the ideology that individuals who are raised in urban areas that is more susceptible to crime and criminal activities will ultimately develop these characteristics. Gender can play a role on the possibility of a person partaking in certain activities. This also goes in hand with age. Boys in their adolescent stage are more influenced to enter into a world of criminal activities. At this age, individuals of both gender enter a stage where they are constantly faced with the thought of not knowing their purpose in life. Many of these youths either come from broken homes or homes where both parents or only present financially, not physically and/or emotionally. This factor ties with social factors of these individuals. They begin to form close-knit groups that can often times form a negative environment that has the potential to grow and influence others that may face similar lifestyles. This can ca...

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...iation towards an offender is justified, however, whenever these victims choose to retaliate against someone who was not linked to their prior experiences, a cycle of violence begins to form. The then victim will become an offender and this will typically continue until someone finds out. These behaviors typically develop when an individual is a minor due to their vulnerability. Mental health is a factor that is not always thought of whenever a minor displays juvenile delinquent behavior patterns. Individuals with mental health issues quite often have no control over many behaviors they may display. Whenever these individuals commit an illegal act as a result of their illnesses, they are not always evaluated in order to seek the right type of treatment, instead they are labelled as juvenile delinquents and oftentimes sent to serve sentences as a form of punishment.

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