Social Impact Of Race And Race's Impact On Society

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Race and Gender Impact On Social Problems in Society
“From a biological perspective, a race can be defined as a group or population that shares a set of genetic characteristics and physical features ((Leon-Guerrero, 2014). We live in a country full of diversity due to generations of migrants coming to the United States hoping for a better life. Race should not define a person’s capability and neither should someone’s gender. Our society suffers from both racism and sexism, which is having a negative effect on the people. Both race and gender plays a huge part in our society because it is how people define you, we experience it everywhere nowadays. Our race and gender should not differentiate us, should not allow inequality, and show not set
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“There is no society where men and women perform identical functions, nor are they ranked or treated equally” (Leon-Guerrero, 2014). Women should have equal opportunities to be successful and prosperous as men do. For example, in chapter 4, it states how Islamic tradition regulates women to take care of the family, while men dominate everything else. Women have always been made to appear look weak in the eyes of our society. Society has made it seem that whatever a man can do, a woman cannot. Sexism was problem generations ago and it still continues till this day even though we have made progress. In society’s eye a woman will always be someone who is fragile and weak, even though we can do just about everything a guy can. Gender is not the only form of inequality, race is just as much, if not equivalent. For example, in chapter 3, it says, “Latinos have the lowest educational achievement rates-for high school and college degrees-compared with all other major racial and ethnic groups in the United States” (Leon-Guerrero, 2014). Research has shown that there is an achievement gap between Latinos and other races based on their family income and parent’s education. Many Latinos families are believed to have low income due to the fact that the parents might be immigrants, which limits your job options, not allowing you to earn even minimum wage. Our society has made a joke out all Latinos being illegal and that they…show more content…
We only have a limited amount of time each, so we should be allowed to live it up as we wish. It is so important that we treat each other with the same respect and love we want in return. Having hatred towards another based on their gender or race should not be okay. For example, when I was in elementary school, I always participated in the multicultural assembly’s. I would be so proud to share and teach others about my culture. Not only did this expand the other student’s knowledge about my culture, I was learning in return also. Ever since I was a kid till now, my parents and my religion have played a huge part in the person I am today. The teachings and beliefs are taught as kid truly matte because they shape into your personality. Being a kind and humble towards others will only benefit us, whereas being negative is more self-harm than any

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