Essay on Case Analysis : Mental Health

Essay on Case Analysis : Mental Health

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Mental Health – Engagement
Engagement is the process in which the client becomes an active participant in treatment. Clients who are involved in this part of the therapeutic process are more likely to experience positive outcomes of treatment. The engagement process involves developing an “agreement on the goals and tasks of treatment” through the collaboration of the therapist and client (Friedlander, Escudero & Heatherington, 2006). This paper will explain evidence-based techniques that are used to engage clients in a behavioral setting. The reader will be able to identify why the different techniques are used, and they will be able to identify the barriers of engagement with diverse populations.
Mental health practitioners employ evidence-based techniques in the engagement process that will create positive rapport with clients. Alyssa seemed to benefit from a client-centered approach to treatment. The client-centered approach places the primary responsibility of treatment on the client. The client-centered approach includes goals that encourage the congruence of the client’s observations and thoughts about behavior as well as a focus on client’s strengths (Ford & Urban, 1963). This approach focuses on the client’s strengths and identifies the areas in the client’s life that need improvement.
The use of open-ended questions was used in the treatment of Alyssa. This form of questioning continued the promotion of the client-centered approach. Open-ended questions help practitioners understand their clients’ thoughts and feelings associated with an event, which facilitates the process of developing empathy for them (The Coalition of Behavioral Health, 2014). During this stage of treatment, Alyssa was asked to express her anxi...

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...n-ended questioning, active listening, and validation and feedback.

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