Integrative Therapy Essay

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“Integration is a method of utilising more than one theory in the belief that by combining or integrating these theories the chance of a successful outcome for the client is increased.” Introduction Psychotherapy has been Around for many years and has a major role in our world today. It has grown over the years and now there are known many hundreds of different theories about. Clients that use therapy are for different reasons as to cope with a change of life experience or a disorder or for personal development. Integrative psychotherapy has been around for over one hundred years but has really only come into the forefront of therapy since the late 1970’s. “Research has indicated that psycho¬therapy is moving toward an integrated approach to therapy” (Norcross, 2005b). The therapy is a mixture of all theories that are tailored by the therapist professional experience to work with the client in a positive way. This assignment will look at the factors needed to enable the therapist to carry out successful therapy. It will highlight and explain what the five principles of integrative therapy are. Also, with the common factors and how they are important and across all therapies. Also,…show more content…
Psychoanalysis and its derivatives were the first theories to develop and most of those therapists who were not eclectic adhered to some form of psychoanalysis or psychodynamic therapy. The so-called Minnesota point of view of Patterson “(1966, 1986) was an eclectic position.” It appears that 50% of the practitioners today claim themselves to be eclectic.” To use the technical eclecticism approach means when the therapist will use the best techniques and skills combined to maximise the results for the client in a short space of time. “Eclecticism varies from haphazard, arbitrary, and idiosyncratic eclecticism (syncretism), to systematic, empirically validated models of treatment selection” (Lazarus,
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