Case Analysis : Health Care System Essay

Case Analysis : Health Care System Essay

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For the past several decades, safety and quality improvements in the health care system have been analyzed and addressed to provide the best-known client centered care (Shortell, Benet, & Byck, 1998). The research suggests that the health care system is a very complex system and is no longer considered to just be complicated. In addition, hospitals can be considered as conscious entities (Wheatley, 1994). Health care staff need to provide the client with a safe environment, so that the client can have the best possible outcomes to prevent an injury or accidental harm while in the hospital (Rubenfield & Scheffer, 2015).
On the neurology unit in Kingston 's acute care hospital, there is a culture of safety that is evident in the way that healthcare professionals care for their clients. In the hospital, multiple tools are used to communicate about a client’s safety status. The client may be on a falling star risk and this will be evident by a magnet on the outside of the client’s room and shown in the legal charting and the kardex. The hospital has access and uses beds that go very low to the floor and have a bed alarm incorporated in the bed. These alarms are attached into the central call bell system. Clients are also put on behavioral plans if there is an issue. The communication for this would be in the kardex by a specific sticker and a magnet that is evident in the client 's room. For example, a client with a physical abusive behavior and has hit a nurse. Furthermore, the current plan is to have three staff entering the room when providing care to the client. In addition, to provide a safety component to the staff by having three staff to help with the situation that may occur. If the interdisciplinary team believes that the ...

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...hat would involve a possible are properly educated about changes that they may experience to help the nurse provide appropriate care for the client. These clients need to know the normal and abnormal changes that will help the healthcare professional when providing care to them. Health care professionals assess the client about using the spinal assessments and other neurological scales. The nurse will ask questions during the assessment, such as numbness and tingling, change and eye sight, change in sensation, difficulty urinating (Boot, 2012).
In conclusion, staff on the neurology unit take safety of their clients very seriously. They ensure the highest quality of care by actively participating and reading safety protocols and literature. In addition, health care professionals ask safety questions during their assessments to ensure the best possible client outcomes.

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