Career Interest: Deciding on a Career Essay

Career Interest: Deciding on a Career Essay

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Career Interest
Deciding on a career has been a challenge. My first career interest was to be a physical therapist. As a child I would look at my mother-nursing textbook was intrigued by the muscular and skeletal systems The most intriguing part was how muscles, tendons, and ligaments all work to attach themselves to our skeletal system to create motion. My second career interesteas in mass communications. After only one semester I realized that I had no real desire to pursue a career in this field. The around the same time I was offered a promotion as the evening manager at my part-time job. I quickly change my major to business administration In hopes of becoming a hotel G. M. and completed my associates degree in business administration, but found that Hospitality industry was not a suitable career choice. All this time I was overlooking the one interest that had been present from the beginning. My career interest is information technology, specifically Network administration.
At the age of 10 I had a huge interest and computers. I can remember getting my first computer. It was an Apple IIc. There was a game that I enjoyed playing on it, Wheel of Fortune, and one day as I went to insert the floppy disk and there was something preventing the computer from accepting the disk. I retrieved a screwdriver and proceeded to dismantle the computer. My mother walked in on me and was very up set about seeing the computer and it parts scattered about the floor. I assured her that I would have everything back together in no time. She stood over me and watched as I continued to look for the problem. I spotted the problem corrected it and put everything back together. From this point on I had more of an interest on how this machine works...

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...ters up to my high-speed internet connection. I have also net worked all three of my computers to print wirelessly to a central printer. I want to be apart of making sure that these networks weather big or small are setup and maintained properly.
Information technology is a field that I am definitely interested in pursuing as a career. It is something that I have always had an interest in, but for one reason or another never considered it as a career interest. Until setting up the office network with my uncle. Once I complete school, I want to start an IT consulting firm with two other family members. One is already a network administrator and the other has a degree in marketing. Our dreams are to provide support for everyone from large companies to homes. My career interest lies very much in network administration. Now the next task is to complete my degree in BSIT.

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