Essay on The Cape Less Undercover Heroes

Essay on The Cape Less Undercover Heroes

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Have you ever seen the super hero that wears dark blue and a badge, but not wearing a cape? The person that is here to help in every way possible day or night no matter when or where? The ones who are here during the highest and lowest points for everyone because that is a part of their job. The ones who are here to help the people on this island, but most of the time are treated like the “bad guys”. These undercover heroes are the people we all know as police officers. Many people don’t realize that they don't have an easy job. They are the ones who need to enforce the laws and are looked at as the “bad guy”, but when they come to the rescue they are the “good guy”. The book Non-traditional Careers for Women states that, “Police officers protect the people and help keep the peace” (155).
For a long time now many people have been saying that all Kauai Police Officers do is make their lives more difficult and get paid to do nothing all shifts. They believe all an officer does is ride around in a police car, eat donuts, and give people tickets just for fun. What do officers really do all shift? What types of responsibility do they really have? Are they here to help the people on this island or cause us more burdens? Do you really understand how important their job is? During a shift police officers mostly enforce traffic laws, crime prevention, investigate accidents, and community relations.
Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer where you were given a ticket? If you have that is one part of their job. Traffic enforcement is one of the most recognizable and universal police responsibilities. Marked police cars are easy to see and most Americans have been stopped for a traffic violation. Some of these violations are s...

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