Red vs. Blue Warning Lights – Which are Easier to see on the Road?

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A simple Google search will turn up hundreds of studies based on the effectiveness of emergency lighting on the road. Obviously, this wealth of information is too vast to summarize in one article; however, there is one study that sticks out when discussing whether red or blue emergency vehicle lights are easier to see on the road. In this article, we will go over a study released by Lt. James D. Wells Jr. on behalf of the Florida Highway Patrol. This study was released in 2004 and concentrates mainly on emergency lighting configurations and the effectiveness of these lights in helping to reduce collisions on the road and keeping officers and emergency first responders safer on the road. Who Should Understand the 2004 Florida Highway Patrol Emergency Lighting Configurations? This study offers helpful information for anyone who wants to understand more about emergency vehicle lights and their physical and psychological effects on drivers. However, anyone that is charged with installing or buying emergency vehicle lights for first responder and emergency responder vehicles should read and understand this study. By understanding the information in this article, buyers and installers can save money, avoid aggravation, and help to protect officers, first responders, and emergency responders who are working and driving vehicles in the field. Who is Lieutenant James D. Wells Jr. This study was created by Lt. Wells on behalf of the Florida Highway Patrol. Lt. Wells was a member of the Law Enforcement Stops and Safety Subcommittee. This committee is volunteer-based and works under the financial support of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is affiliated with the International Association of Chiefs of Police. As a me... ... middle of paper ... ...he information provided in this article can help reduce collisions on the road and help to save officers and emergency responders’ lives on the road. Check State Statutes before Purchasing Red or Blue Emergency Vehicle Lights While all the information above is very important in helping to keep officers safe on the road, it is important to remind buyers, installers, and drivers are not allowed to use the same color emergency lights. For instance, some drivers may be allowed to use red and blue lights on their emergency vehicle while other drivers may only be allowed to use solid blue or solid red. Before an order is made for emergency vehicle lights, it is important to realize that this type of lighting is governed by state statutes. To make sure you are purchasing the right colored lights for your emergency vehicle, it is important to consult state statutes first.

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