Can The Healthcare Industry Mimic The Cheesecake Factory 's Business Model?

Can The Healthcare Industry Mimic The Cheesecake Factory 's Business Model?

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Can the Healthcare Industry mimic The Cheesecake Factory’s business model?

It would be an awesome day in history if the healthcare industry could mimic restaurant chains business practice of combining quality control, cost control, and innovation. Even though it’s a great gesture from a patient’s perspective, there is no way that healthcare could even come close to such models of restaurant business practices. Why is that? Well, a restaurant is more predictable than any health care sector. First, restaurants are able to plan and coordinate their business practice to meet the needs of their customers. Secondly, they can control inventory and certify quality meals at an affordable price. Additionally, they can predict how many customers will show up on average (Gawande 2012). They are better equipped with customer demand since it’s predictable. By studying the trends of customer traffic, it’s easier to provide good food at a sensible price.
On the other hand, a healthcare facility is very hard to predict future outcomes. As individuals, we tend to hope for the better but that is just hope. Reality could bring unpredictable situations at any given time. When I wake up in the morning, I have no idea of what could surface in my healthcare. I can be doing great today and be on the verge of a healthcare crisis the next. Moreover, the healthcare industry does not always provide quality care and cost are unknown (Porter 2009, 110). If you have insurance, you are somewhat ready for unpredictable happenings but if you are uninsured, then your actual cost for services increases. The healthcare arena is always a topic of discussion for improving. Quality of care needs to be priority as we shift from a volume to value based care (Porter 2009,...

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...imply mean improving the overall patient experience, making them a priority.
The most difficult business practice at The Cheesecake Factory to implement into healthcare would be teaching. The Cheesecake Factory has business models in place that help them succeed. All managers go through extensive training and follow up to high standard measures of excellence by the company (Gawande 2012). This is not a fortunate case in healthcare since the spectrum is largely broad. There are many areas of the healthcare field and not everyone has the same training. It’s hard to hold one person accountable in the mist of daily operations. We have medical mistakes, wrong diagnosis and an emphasis on volume over value. The healthcare industry needs a teaching model, one that everyone can relate to but this process is again hard to implement in such a large scale health infrastructure.

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