Total Quality Management Case Study

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Assessment Task 1
Question and answer.
1. What is total quality management?
Total Quality Management (TQM) could be a comprehensive and structured approach to structure management that seeks to enhance the standard of product and services through current refinements in response to continuous feedback. TQM necessities could also be outlined on an individual basis for a specific organization or could also be in adherence to established standards.
2. List three key concept of total quality management.
1. Structure, Culture & Quality Management: The values, vision and strategic arrange of a corporation ought to be client targeted with clear and a well developed quality management system so as to with successfully implement TQM.
2. Work groups &
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Discuss the concept of benchmarking as a continuous improvement tools.

Benchmarking is employed to boost core competencies, the essential business processes that enable an organization to differentiate itself from its competitors. A core business method could have a sway by lowering prices, increasing profits, providing improved service to a client, up product quality, and up regulative compliance.
5. Briefly describe the term knowledge management.
Knowledge Management, (KM) could be a conception and a term that arose some 20 years past, roughly in 1990. Quite merely one would possibly say that it means that organizing associate organization 's info and data holistically, however, that sounds a small amount wooly, and astonishingly enough, even if it sounds overbroad, it 's not the total image. Terribly early within the metric linear unit movement, Davenport (1994) offered the still wide quoted definition: "Knowledge management is that the method of capturing, distributing, and effectively victimization
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Discuss at least two benefits of knowledge management.
1. Every person within the company has access to management and business information
2. Makes it doable for you to support new technologies simply and capture new information for future use
7. What is ISO: 9001 2008 and what are the benefits of using ISO: 9001
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