Essay on Business Ethics And Organizational Development

Essay on Business Ethics And Organizational Development

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Education they say is the key to success, the source of understanding and acceptance with regards to others and the outlet needed in order to find our place in society. For me, my education has always been something I took seriously. Everything I have ever learned under the walls of the many education institutions I have attended over the years, have provided me the ability to think outside the box and see my potential in ways that my lower middle class community did not. For me, higher education was my saving grace and until now, I was not aware of the ways I could impact those seeking post-secondary outlets without being a professor.
When I initially decided to go to graduate school, I knew that I wanted to pursue a degree that would provide me with the professional skills to work in any career field. It for that reason that I went on to obtain a master 's degree in business management. Not only did l learn about strategic planning, human resources, business ethics and organizational development, but how important and beneficially they can be if I 'm truly putting them to use in a field that I feel passionate about. While on this academic journey to find a career path that I felt best fit me, I was provided multiple opportunities to work in different fields of business. From working at a government agency, to a media communications company, it was indeed my most recent position that I found a passion for higher education administration and made me realize just how important many of people holding different positions in universities.
Being the first person in my family to attend college, I was completely lost in many ways. While it was a struggle to get the swing of things, I always had someone by my side making sure that I was...

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...ertification but they needed to know that what they were doing to better their lives was something great.
What my current position has provided me with is the ability to see that I enjoy helping people create a foundation for themselves with regards to their post-secondary choices. While I enjoy working for a vocational training program, I would love to transition over to universities and colleges. I want to build a career on helping college students in the ways that others helped me. While I have a business management degree, which has provided me with the common knowledge needed to work with any organization or business, I am looking to gain more knowledge in the field of higher education in order to expand my career possibilities.
It is for that reason that I am applying for the graduate certificate in Higher Education Administration at George Mason University.

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