Business: Different Types of Team Essay

Business: Different Types of Team Essay

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Teamwork is a coordinated function implemented by a set of employees, often individuals with very different skills. These different types of teams can even be found in a college setting. Teams may be permanent or established on short notice to handle problems or opportunities as they occur. These concepts depend quite heavily on open and effective communication. Employees who are empowered to make decisions need information and the insights of their colleagues; they cannot make good decisions without an effective communication system. Questions need to be asked within a “teamwork” setting in order to work to a solution. For teams to communicate effectively there has to be more than one person. For one person does not make a team! Communication is the single most important aspect of a successful team. “Along with cooperation and commitment; communication is critical in the success of teams.” (Luebeck, 2014) “Clearly articulating the division of responsibilities and having a mutual understanding of the shared goals, division of responsibility and ultimate end product is critical.” (Luebeck, 2014) Next is motivation. Not everyone seems to have motivation. Motivating staff requires awareness and good communication. For a team to be successful, there needs to be the fundamentals of good leadership and great communication. This is all very true and I will explain throughout this paper what I believe teamwork and leadership should entail.
I learned very early this semester, that I was on two teams, in two different classes. After seeing the list of potential team members, I immediately knew I was in trouble, in both classes. My team for the Business Simulation Game was quite upsetting from the start. Do you ever have a gut insti...

... middle of paper ...

...nt a body. Cleaning a resort, minus rooms, is very time consuming, quite hard for one person to do.
Then I get to thinking about leadership. Just where is the management when you need them? It is like when you see a person speeding and no cop around. If I was speeding, oh I can guarantee there would be a cop in plain sight. The same goes for my work ethic. If I am not fulfilling my job duties to my highest potential, there is someone to tell me so. “Yet leadership and teamwork are the twist and woof of what makes an organization thrive. One can’t exist without the other.” (Sohem, 2013) Just what does leadership mean? Trait theorists define leadership as a set of traits, while behavioral theorists identify it as a set of skills; and; researchers from a social constructive perspective tend to define leadership as a process and relationship. (Sohem, 2013)

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