Bullying Should Be Punished For Their Behavior Essay

Bullying Should Be Punished For Their Behavior Essay

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Bullying must have severe consequences that follow the act; and not only follow the act, but severe enough to hopefully set the aggressor on a new path. As of right now, schools, districts, local and state governments are looking for ways to punish bullies and their acts. Some have called for detention, suspension and expulsion. The only problem with these is that they don’t treat the underlying problems, and suspension only rewards the behavior by sending the aggressor home for a number of days. Although the punishment needs to fit the crime, society must also address the underlying causes. Some states have implemented into law the requirement for counseling, but don’t go further than that. Other states have looked at fining and punishing the parents, but that may increase the punishment at home in unhealthy ways.
Bullies should be punished for their behavior, but not in conventional ways. They need to be ordered to community service and not suspension. If the behavior doesn’t stop, then they need to be expelled, but not before the proper steps have been followed. Law enforcement needs to be involved with schools so that punishment can carry legal consequences. In Texas, new bills have been passed to address these issues. BullyPolice.org lists some of these new laws,
SB 471 and HB 1942 – Starting in 2012-2013 – Expands the requirements on school districts to address bullying and harassment, such as parental notification, programs for students and staff, providing counseling to bullies and victims and protecting those who report bullying. HB 1942 – Expands the definition of bullying and allows school districts to transfer the bully to another classroom or campus within the district.
HB 1386 – Requires the development of interve...

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...ullying, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Society is addressing both the needs of the bully of the victim to deter bullying in the future. There is still a lot that we need to do, and more we need to learn about bullying. Bullying is not just getting stuffed in a locker, a trashcan, getting wedgies or a noogie anymore; it’s harassment for being different in some way. Both my daughters have been victims of bullies, and seeing how it affected them killed me. I saw how they felt for getting made fun of, and why they were teased. Bullies need no less attention and that attention needs to be in the direction of awareness classes or behavior classes, as some states are now providing. We cannot stop there though, we as a community need to get involved, as a community we can stop bullying, all it takes is a little hard work and dedication and together we can stop bullying.

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