Bullying And Harassment Essay, By Dawn Turner Trice

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Bullying and Harassment Essay Imagine coming home from school, you are already upset from getting bullied and then your phone starts beeping. It repeatedly keeps alerting you and it fills up with hateful messages and threats. This is the life of a child who is bullied and harassed, this happens to them constantly until they eventually implode. Adults think of bullying as kids being kids and being a part of life; but, no child should go through the pain and torture of that. Bullying happens across the world, with no cure to it, it 's a plague that needs to stop. Children from the UK, France, and many other countries are subjected to this. In the United States, many cases have been dealt with which involves pre-teens and teens committed…show more content…
It is also when individuals use technology to spread rumor about another person to defame or humiliate them. Cyber harassment came about with the increase technological advancements and also the birth of social media has contributed to it as well. In the online article, Students Warn Peers about Cyber Bullying by Dawn Turner Trice. Trice writes about a 17 year old high school student by the name of Tiffany Witkowski who quit Facebook after getting cyberbullied. Tiffany tells Ms. Trice that, "They would go to my boyfriend 's page, and the next day at school, people would say, 'Oh, you and your boyfriend saw whatever movie or did whatever, I never felt physically threatened. But I felt emotionally threatened. I had just recently moved from Arizona. I had a family tragedy, and I said, 'Why is this happening to me? ' I needed emotional stability, so I just got rid of Facebook." Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are useful for getting in touch with lost friends and family, but, it still has it negatives such as Cyber bullying, sexual predators, and so many other

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