Essay on Bullying Is A Form Of Aggressive Behavior Designed

Essay on Bullying Is A Form Of Aggressive Behavior Designed

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Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior designed to hurt others. Bullying involves a real or perceived power. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. The behavior can be repetitive or have potentials to be repeated. The characteristic of a bully falls into two categories. Category one includes an imbalance of power. Bullies often use power to intimidate, control or harm their victims. Type of power can vary depending on the situation. Category two includes repetition. Bullies often repeat their behaviors and patterns. (Smith, 2016).
There are several types of bullying. There is verbal bullying; when a person uses words to harm another. There is physical bullying; when a person using physical attributes to hurt another person. Social bullying; bullying that occurs in groups and familiar environment. Lastly, there is cyber bullying, bullying that occurs online. However, within each of these categories are other forms of bullying.
There are many roles to bullying. The ringleader is the person who is initiating the act; the bully. The assistant joins and assists the ringleader. The reinforce laughs and enforces the act. A bully/victim is a person who has been bullied or is being bullied and is also a bully. There’s a defender; a person who defends the victim from the bullying act. Lastly, one the roles are the bystander. The bystander witnesses the act but ignores it. (Smith, 2016). Bullying can happen in many places. It can happen at home, at school and many other places. According to, most reported bullying happens in school. A large percentage also happens in the playground or on the bus. Bull...

... middle of paper ... inappropriate behaviors to cease may not necessarily extinguish bullying behaviors. Interventions designed to extinguish bullying behaviors may be more effective if negative behaviors are clearly communicated and replacement or alternative behaviors are demonstrated. Jones, Doces, Swearer, and Collier suggest bullying education to students and teachers to prevent and stop bullying. They also encourage teachers and administrations to reinforce students’ positive behaviors and change negative behaviors patterns.
Social learning theory talks about the social part of learning and the influence of our social environment. Bullying occurs socially. Most act of bullying occurs in groups amongst school age children. Children are influenced by their environments. As a result, bullying can be prevented and stop if the public and environment take a stand against the act.

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