Building A Successful Organization And Team Essay example

Building A Successful Organization And Team Essay example

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“To build a successful organization and team you must get the right people on the bus” (Collins, 2001). One of the most important elements when creating our technology is finding the right team and sponsors to support our goal. First we must identify who the right people are (Gingerich, 2009). We’d need to incorporate students, parents, teachers, administration, technicians, engineers, designers, advocates and sponsors.
Our team begins with the very root of our concentration, the students. Finding out what students want, need or what issues they are facing not only helps us develop our technology but helps us address distinct learning levels. In order to effectively reach our purpose we must understand that students come from very different backgrounds and have various learning needs (National Academy Press). Likewise, we’d need to incorporate and receive feedback from parents. Family engagement remains critical to student achievement, studies show that when parents become involved in school it reduces absenteeism, restores confidence on both parent and students, while also improving grades and social skills (Garcia & Thornton). We need to incorporate parent’s feedback and construct around their ideas. A very important factor to consider regarding rural areas is the language barrier. Most of Mexico’s Indians, descendants of pre-Hispanic people still maintain their culture and language, they lack technology and live in remote highland regions (King, 1994). In order to be able to reach all citizens we’d need to incorporate the distinct languages of the region while having native indigenous speakers as part of our team.
In order to decide what curriculum to follow we need to incorporate both teachers and administration. Our device...

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...d have course work that is required for students to complete according to their grade level.
Each school district will be assigned a specific number of devices to monitor. The distribution will work according to the closest school to each household. Each student will be required to complete a specific task each day or unlock certain levels in order to complete their daily assignments. Each EduMe runs under one master system which tracks the progress of each student, but will be monitored through a specific school system to make sure each student is up to date on their work. Here, teachers will be able to keep task of what each student has been doing and will perform a routinely monthly visit to each community to keep everyone on track. The progress of the student will also show on the screen letting them know what days they missed and how far behind they might be.

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