The Pros And Cons Of Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. When a group of individuals comes together to work seamlessly as a team, something pretty magical happens. People who work together are able to accomplish much more as a group than they would by themselves by building off each other.

An individual can be a strong player but when they’re apart of a team and are dedicated to the team’s success instead of to their own success they’re strengthened by the backup of that team. Getting a star studded group of individuals over a team of people can sometimes even spell for disaster. In the film Miracle by Gavin O’Connor, the coach, Herb Brooks played by Kurt Russell, builds the United States olympic hockey team of the 1980 games. Many people were
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But under Brooks’s training and with Brooks as a slight common enemy for the group, the boys who once were pitted against each other, become a strong, clean team and gain success. The mismatched group of kids went through their struggles early on in their process as they didn’t know how to work as a team, but after being broken down after their first game, a tie against the Norwegian national team, they started to think like a unit and began to run like a true team on the ice. An article by explains perfectly how teamwork is important in success: “A strong team will provide an environment that fosters and supports individuals to enhance and maintain their resilience.” The best team is able to highlight the strengths of all their members instead of individuals carrying the rest of their team. If one works as a member of a team, both their triumph and lack of are supported. A group member who struggles or falters,

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