A Brief Note On Teamwork

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In today’s organization that wants to succeed, it has to realize that teamwork is very important because it is the way the employees value and respect each other. Teamwork enables employees of all skills and ages to have an important role to play in organization, and it is an important aspect of maintaining the self-sustainability of organizational performance. Banutu-Gomez, Rohrer (2011). While organizations moving towards team structure, the last years have seen a huge variety of team works. The work team is very important for production and service organizations. Richter, Dawson, West (2011). According to Banutu- Gomez, Rohrer (2011) employees learn quickly how to work with other employees in a positive way and they start to value their own effort either in their work as individual or in work team. They soon start to learn how to join their efforts with other members to get benefit to the organization. Isabel, Maria, Martinez (2008) said that the increasing in studies about organizational teams and this interest is related to the increasing need and use of teams in companies. Organizations start to realize that they need to be their flexibility and adaptation that’s why the use of teams developed dramatically. According to Senichev (2013) the demographic composition of the workforce is changing, population is longevity, more women working these days, different racial and ethnic moving from country to country. So the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, the organizations start to understand that this diversity something that is unavoidable because of social changes, but the factor it can bring new perspectives and enhance the development of new products and services.
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...environment. Team members who participate in successful, effective teams may actually get more in the long run, they will get trust, creativity, strategic thinking, a broader perspective.
Successful teams become stronger when members learn to work together. They have clear, acceptable goals. The members trust and respect one another. They communicate often and openly. Members have talent for creating and implementing ideas. The leader “fits” the needs of the team. And the support and resources from the wider organization and community are provided.
It is up to you to understand how teams function, and then improve the cohesiveness, chemistry, and productivity of the team. Talent is not enough! After all, as noted major league baseball coach Casey Stengel use to say: “It’s easy to get good players. Getting ‘em to play together, that’s the hard part.”

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