The Ideal Team

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When composing a team, your ideal team will consist of individuals who have the skills and experience to accomplish the task, as well as, the motivation needed to be successful. (Dyer, 37) Team composition is the configuration of a team, normally based on attributes of the team and the task given. The team leader’s job is to identify those individuals who will benefit the team in completing the task. Effective team leaders set the clear vision of the team’s goal, establish a clear direction towards achieving the goal, motivate team members, include the ideas and opinions of team members in decision making, and coaching those who struggle through to success. Successful teams should include members that have strong technical skills, knowledge…show more content…
When composing a team, it is also very important that you choose a leader and team members who are passionate about working hard to accomplish the task or goal. All team leaders cannot be lucky when it comes to composing the “ideal” team. If there is a situation where the team leaders has to work with people who aren’t ideal, it will take hard work and dedication to train those individuals into being successful at their task. In a diverse team of individuals, everyone plays a different role, and has a specific purpose. Composing teams who know how to play off of each other’s strengths compensates for one another’s weaknesses, which shows team diversity, but is also a source of greater productivity and success. (Half, 2015) When a project requires team effort that means that no individual has the skills and experience to complete the task. The team leader’s job is to identify the skills and experience needed and either find those team members, or train those who you already have that you can depend on. Some team members are not open to learning new things. That will be a time when you choose new team members and replace those who aren’t willing to grow and learn new things to be…show more content…
The personalities of others is definitely important when composing a team. Not everyone will think the same, they will believe in different procedures and steps, and they will react to situations all different from one another. There is really no two people or more that have the same exact personality. There will always be one who thinks different from others, or shows different emotions and feelings towards the situation. Also, team members should be totally different or alike, but they should compliment each other and their individual ability to complete the task. When using the team members you have, it is also easier to mold them into the leaders you would want them to be. A leader’s job is to motivate individuals to also want to be a leader and be able to handle any situation given. A great leader will always make sure that they have a strong and supportive team following, and it is the leader’s job to be a good influence. Motivating your team influences them to accomplish the task or goal successfully. I believe that resources, motivation and determination are the key to success. Knowing and understanding how your team members think, also play a part in successful team composition. Fully knowing your team means that you have invested the time to understand how they operate and what is required to motivate them to success and to excel beyond what is expected of them. This is also
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