The Importance Of Teamwork In A Company

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Most of the organizations, especially big and successful companies, are driven by different teams. Teams and groups of people lead diverse divisions, operate across distinct functions, product lines or offer to customers various services. It doesn’t matter in which sector, a company is active in, if in healthcare, in sports, in physics, or in business field, the good teamwork has an essential value to the end results of each the organization. The teamwork is important for the prosperity of a company, as it brings together the strength that each individual in the group has, so that the final work of the team is greater and more valuable than the sum of the works of each individual separately. To a great extent, teams fulfill the goals of the…show more content…
That means, that the work is concentrated not only inwardly, but also reaches the political, informational and task-specific information outside of the team and the organization. According to D. Ancona and H. Bresman, there are three basic external activities – ambassadorial, scouting, and task coordinator activities. The first is basically the upward managing through marketing the project and the team, maintaining the reputation of the team and working out the allies and competitors of the business. The scouting refers to gathering and monitoring important information about the industry in-and outside of the company. It includes investigation of markets, new technologies and the activities of the adversaries. The last at the list of crucial external activities is the coordination of the tasks. This is managing the connections inside the team such as between the teams and also outside of the company’s teams. It takes care of the smooth flowing of the work. The second major indicator for the innovative version of a team is called extensive ties, or connections between the team members with outsiders. The following sign for an X-Team are the expandable structures, or with other words the expandable framework of the team, including core members of the team, the operational members and the outer-net members. The X-Team membership is flexible. People can move across layers and get in and out of the…show more content…
The first step is staffing the team or engaging individuals in the common group to form an X-Team. But even before that the importance of the external connections must be understood. Then, the team members’ connections should be handled as vital and a key factor for success. If needs some teammates may be replaced with others. The movement and shifting of responsibilities must be flexible. Then comes the actual building of the team. There must be mechanisms created for internal and external communication. The setting of the team goals here is important, acknowledging the external world. The last step would be the creation of a supportive organizational environment. Here it is the three-tier team structure important, that was shortly mentioned above. This means that there are leading cadres, operational team contributors and outer-net members, which can also be working in other companies or be just temporarily helping the X-Team achieve its goals. There must be some rules defined that are meaningful, unambiguous, but still flexible and giving some freedom of action to the team members. Something very important at this step is the ability to maintain a rich information infrastructure and being able to handle a huge data bases. The last detail, which must be followed in this step, is the establishment of a learning culture. This means that the company

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