The Breakdown Of Critical Elements Essay

The Breakdown Of Critical Elements Essay

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The breakdown of critical elements of the plan provide specific details on the accomplishment of these goals and the parameters of the goal to as determined by current data.
Measurement of the academic success of the students in Strategic Plan Goal One relies on EOG and Reading 3D data. The focus area of the goal includes increasing the graduation rate and using technology for teaching and learning. Using pre-and post-test data to evaluate the efficacy of teaching is a key point in the classroom along with following the Balanced Literacy approach to language arts. Multiple programs and activities along with implementation of Talent Development enrichment assist students in reaching their academic potential. A large component of this goal relies heavily on the support and funding provided by the school’s active PTA. Specific goals for each grade level regarding student work and grade reporting provide a clear roadmap for instruction.
To achieve the second goal of retaining a premier workforce, Sharon has implemented strategies that assist teachers in their work; these include hiring a cafeteria monitor so that teachers can have a duty-free lunch on a rotating schedule and providing classroom coverage weekly for instructional planning time with grade-level teams. Analyzing and evaluating CMS teacher retention data allowed the SIP committee to see which strategies may be helpful in strengthening teacher satisfaction and therefore retention at the school.
The school achieves its third goal with the active involvement of the PTA, volunteers for organizations such as Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, and parent volunteers for Math Olympiad, Chess Club, TGA Golf, Odyssey of the Mind, MI Express and guitar lessons.
Creating a positive school...

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...makes this school successful in its endeavors. When parents invested strongly in their students’ learning, the support for teachers increases.
As I begin to investigate job opportunities, I can see that in part, a review of a school’s SIP would give me a clear picture of the climate of the school and the level of support available to the teaching staff from the administration and the community of parents. Knowing ahead of time what provisions are in place for instructional planning during the school day, how much continuing education I will have access to and what strategies and tools are in place for my students will allow me to make an informed decision when applying for a job. Moreover, examination of the SIP will give me talking points during an interview that will show I have taken the time to learn about the school and the standards to which it holds itself.

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