Behavior Management Plan for Positive Learning Environment

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I believe every student is entitled to a safe learning environment where they can reach their full potential academically and behaviorally. Students will reach their full potential in a positive learning environment. The positive learning environment will be established from the beginning of the year providing a lasting impact on the students academic, and behavior performance throughout the entire year. The positive learning environment will be a classroom setting, which allows students to feel welcomed, safe, and important on daily basis allowing learning to occur to its fullest potential. To ensure my students are in a positive learning environment there must be a behavior management plan clearly explaining the expectations I have for my students. Throughout my behavior management plan I will explain how I plan to implement expectations so students act accordingly. My behavior management plan will be individually tailored to my students allowing me to push them to their fullest potential to by taking into consideration each student’s behavior and personal needs.

My classroom goal is to develop a positive learning environment, in order to develop a positive learning environment I must individually create a positive relationship with every one of my students. To develop a positive relationship with the students I will be compassionate, respectful, thoughtful, and welcoming to every student in my classroom. Every day I will greet my students at the classroom door welcoming them to bran new day. I believe in this small daily effort because it will help set the foundation for my students and I to create a positive relationship. I will have a morning routine of sharing “good things” this will be time we set aside every morning to ...

... middle of paper ... for any changes. At the end of each school day my students will clean their classroom so they learn to take reasonability for messes they created, this will also allow us to start off on a good note the next day.

In my class, we respect ourselves and take care of one another. I will encourage my students to try their personal best in every situation they find themselves in. I will remind students that your personal best effort does not look like your neighbors. I will structure my classroom environment so students can easily collaborate and form positive relationships with one another. The structure of my classroom environment will be full of warmth, patience, and humor creating an environment that is welcoming, safe, and fun for my students. We will look out for another and help one another reach our fullest potential individually, academically, and socially.
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