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The Bible Records Of Romans 12 Essay example

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37), he drove out demons (Mark 5:1-20), He was recognized a Teacher and Lord (John 13:13), and power over the wind, the sea, and even over death (Mark 4:35-41; Matthew 9:18-26). The Bible records in Romans 12 the demonstration of a dedicated or devoted servant willing to make the necessary change and sacrifice for the sake of others and God. Paul emphasizes his role as a servant bringing his body under subjection or else, he would become disqualified of his own teaching (1 Corinthians 9:26, 27, NASB).
Paul continues in his defense of his ministry as a servant who God was pleased with from birth (Galatians 1:15, NASB). Again, Paul decrease to make mention as a servant it is no longer of his power that operate as he does, but the power Jesus Christ within him (Gal.2:20-21, NASB). Paul exemplified much principle of godly character after being converted on the road to Damarcus. After the godly character is recognized, then, there is the transition of effective communication as servant. Good communication is vital to the health of church leadership and to others. God’s word is the tool needed to communicate conveying a message of God guidance in church leadership. Scripture records, “all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, (2 Timothy 3:16, NASB).” God’s leading is important at this point, because the church leadership is the light of God’s word. Therefore, the church leadership must abide in Scripture in proving a point or training in righteousness.
Training a church in righteousness is connected to communication. Communication, then, is detrimental among church leadership, because misunderstood words can cause a breakdown in communication. Communicatio...

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...ld be to help the congregation grow more in faith and walk in who they are to God. It is to bring about a spiritual mind change of thoughts in reference to God’s word. The congregation must begin to believe that they are Saints of God, showing a separation from the world, (Romans 12:2, NASB). Likewise, the heart is open and filled with the light of newness, (2 Corinthians 5:17, NASB). A theological approach will help one to move past religious thinking into godly thinking. God must be viewed from different perspective (1) God is the giver of life, (Deut. 30:19, NASB), (2) we have freedom in God, (John 8:32, NASB), (3) God waits to shower us with overwhelming joy of gladness (Zephaniah 3:17, NASB), (4) God is a not God of abandonment, (Romans 8:32, NASB), (5) God is a continuance of love, (Mal.3:5, Hebrew 13:5, NASB) and (6) God forgives and we should likewise (Micah,

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