Jesus Fraud

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1343 words

Having little biblical background of the Christian lord, Jesus Christ, and yet having endured myriad quotations and descriptions of Jesus throughout my growing-up years in the heart of the bible belt (Memphis, Tennessee), I hope to verify the bible’s accounts of Jesus. I want to discern for myself whether the accounts of Jesus should be taken literally or figuratively. In reading the accounts of Jesus, I expect to see either contradictory or similar portrayals of Jesus. I expect to gain insight to the Christians perspective of Jesus as their savior; and will try to understand how certain words could and have been taken out of context to support particular Christian claims. Overall, I want to know the accounts of Jesus for myself so that I will have the capability to discuss his death and regarded importance with people of Christian faiths. I want the cognizance of Jesus to support my own beliefs regarding him and the Christian religion; so that I no longer have to compliantly agree with conservative Christians in religious conversations due to my unfamiliarity with the Jesus depicted in the bible. Upon reading his letters on the accounts of Jesus, I am deeply disturbed by Paul’s numerous contradictions, jarring hypocrisies, blatant anti-Semitism, and demeaning antifeminism. Even more troubling is Paul’s consistent failure to not ever quote Jesus, but to make the recipients of his letters rely solely on the fact that God and Jesus consecrated him, Paul—according to Paul, himself (of course). Paul believes that he has been chosen, much like Abraham, Noah, Moses and the Prophets to carry out Jesus’ demands of how people should live until Jesus returns. However, unlike Abraham, Noah, Moses, and the Prophets, Paul does not dictate t... ... middle of paper ... ...ow may potentially re-marry according to the Lord, but not if she wishes to abide by the judgment of Paul and remain “holy” (1 COR 7:34-39). If Christ were Paul, Women wouldn’t stand a chance. Paul believes he is preaching the gospel truth of Jesus’ return. He believes he is speaking, from Christ, the guidelines for redemption. But nothing more than beliefs are Paul’s words. Throughout his letters he incessantly contradicts himself and the Old Testament. He disapproves boasting about wisdom and knowledge, while hypocritically boasting about his supposed gospel. He slanders the Jewish faith by condemning the act of circumcision. And lastly, he degrades women by defying them of their individual and bodily feelings. He limits them to the control of man, either a husband or Jesus. Paul’s letters of Jesus are not holy, and they do speak on behalf of the holy. Amen.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have little biblical background of the christian lord, jesus christ, and have endured myriad quotations and descriptions of jesus throughout their growing-up years in the bible belt.
  • Analyzes paul's contradictions, hypocrisies, blatant anti-semitism, and demeaning antifeminism in his letters on the accounts of jesus.
  • Analyzes how paul condemned people who boasted that they possessed special religious "wisdom" or "knowledge." paul writes letters to the corinthians, the galatians, and thessalonians boasting about his wisdom and knowledge of jesus christ.
  • Analyzes how paul boasts of divine interaction, but does he know of jesus christ? he claims over and over again, that through jesus, he has become the father of the gospel. paul never directly translated jesus' words.
  • Analyzes how paul's directions for abstaining from sin and leading a virtuous life are simply his ideologies.
  • Analyzes how paul's desperation to persuade people to follow the words of jesus shows him as anti-semitic.
  • Analyzes how paul doesn't stop with anti-semitism; he also throws in another redeeming factor: anti-feminism. paul trivializes women to the point where they are fated to either commit sin or be bound by men.
  • Analyzes how paul contradicts himself and the old testament, slanders the jewish faith, and degrades women by defying their individual and bodily feelings.
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