Essay about The Best Places At The 21st Century

Essay about The Best Places At The 21st Century

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Millennia’s don’t want management they need leadership; many don’t realize what a tremendous difference these two words have within a company and their identity. Google is an ever expanding company within the 21st century, its rated #2 in “Worlds Most Valuable Brands” and #1 as “The Best Places To Work In 2015”. It has become a staple in our everyday life so much that our generations now dream about working in a company like Google. They offer their employees the chance to make a difference in the community through their work. This type of environment is only made possible by leadership because they have vision, they’ve set a direction, created a mission statement and inspire the people. On the other hand, management has policies, structured work environment, they deliver a mission statement not create one, and they simply manage projects. These two are radically different but depending on the work can both be key in making the company successful.

Some critics of the business world say that they way business are run never change and have continued to be ran in the same way for generations. Yet, the shift between management and leadership is a key example of how the business world learns to adapt. Management was used by many companies in the past and it was ideal for the work of the time. Leadership within the workplace is a recently new concept being adapted by many startup companies. Technology and social media with in the 21st century has crafted an ideal work place for todays college student. This typically consist of working with like minded peers that wish to develop their own ideas within the company. Google acclaims innovation through employees because their ideas can spark an entire new movement. With such high competiti...

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...n environment that leads instead of managing. I chose this topic because I wanted to look at the differences between leadership and management and how different companies need different styles of administration. As someone who will be joining the professional workforce in a few years I would prefer to work with someone who leads. This style of administration best suits my personal preference for freedom within my area of study. Marketing is an ever-changing business, if I was not allowed to explore the field, then I feel I would not be able to complete my job to the fullest potential. The area of marketing requires for the administration to inspire employee to pursue higher things, “not only among executives, but also at every level of the organization.” Innovation sometimes means inspiring employees and inspiring employee means to be their leader not their dictator.

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