Essay about Benefits Of Trade Among High School Students

Essay about Benefits Of Trade Among High School Students

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Benefits of Trade
Many high school students are unsure or do not want to attend a four year college. These students feel pressured into doing something they do not want to do because the expectations of high school students is to set off for college to become successful in life. Adults paint the picture that without college education young adults will be failures. Adults believe college will make you superior and an automatic success. But that is an incorrect statement. A hand full of students who attend college eventually drop out for many reasons. Some students do not like the campus they are on because it is too distant from home. Maybe they do not like the community or professors that are present at the university. They become homesick and want to return home to their parents and family. Or simply they discover college just is not made for them, but there is an alternative for these undergraduates. Students can attend a Vocational School, also known as Trade School, where they can be trained and become an expert in the career field of their chose. Students who attend these schools are quickly positioned in the workforce, and will start off receiving a fine quantity of money. If the students believe they would rather attend college, they are welcome to transfer their credits over to a university. Also attending a Trade School is much shorter in length than attending a university; this cuts the finances dramatically. One year of attending a university cost more than spending the full amount of time at a Vocational School. Therefore Trade School is a great route for high school students that are unsure and do not wish to attend a University.
Vocational Schools allow students to become experts in their career of choice. While att...

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...versity. In addition students do not have to leave their families behind. Students who stay in a single parent household and takes care of the house could stay and continue to help their parent out. That way they can better their life while still helping out around the house. The best advantage of attending a Trade School is that it will not leave you in a world of debt, these schools are very affordable. The escape from paying back loans allows students to spend money on them and even start investing in a house if they want. It cost less than 5,000 dollars to complete Trade School; that is less than one year of any university, whether it is in-state or out of state. Therefore high school students and even adults do not have to complete college to be a successful citizen in America; they can simply attend one of many Trade Schools available and live very comfortably.

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