Benefits Of Online Classes At College Essay

Benefits Of Online Classes At College Essay

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John is a freshman at college. John has gone to a college many miles from his home, so he knew from his home town is at his university. In order for John to have a social life in college, he must go out and meet new people. However, instead of going out and meeting people or even meeting people in his classes, John is in his dorm by himself. Why? John is taking his freshman English and math classes online. Online education is something that more and more colleges and students are turning to offering and taking classes online. Many people have called into question the pros of these online classes. By taking online classes students will pay more, increase anxiety, and be secluded.
First, adversaries to online classes try to point out that these classes will cost less overall for the student. These people will point out that because the student does not have to commute, purchase school supplies, housing, meal plans, or textbooks, the cost of taking a course online will be much cheaper than taking the class in a traditional setting (Blake). In addition to this, people will point out that Georgia Institute of Technology students can get an online degree for only six thousand dollars. Whereas, the same degree would cost forty-one thousand six hundred dollars if it was taken in a traditional setting (“Breaking Down…”). Proponents for online classes will argue that these types of courses will cost less to the student.
In addition to arguing that students will pay less, proponents for web-based college will claim that a student taking an online class will have less stress compared to the student taking the same class in a traditional setting. These arguments state that because the student can work at his/her own pace he/she will have...

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...students to enroll in online classes. However, upon further review, online classes can do a disservice to the student. Students who take online classes will pay more. Students who take online classes will see an increase in anxiety and stress. Students who take online classes will be secluded. When it comes to online classes it is best for students to take them in a traditional setting. Yes, you do not have to pay colleges for room and meals; however, this cost does not go away, you still have to pay someone for this. Yes, students can work at their own pace with an online class, but that is also the downfall of online classes. Yes, online classes incorporate message boards, but these boards do not help with the fact that students are alone when working on assignments. So, when considering online versus traditional college, it is best to go the traditional route.

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