Essay on Benefits Of Active Transportation : Bicycling

Essay on Benefits Of Active Transportation : Bicycling

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The Benefits of Active Transportation: Bicycling
The City of Burbank transformed, what used to be a railroad track, into a multiuse path. Designed for biking, walking, running, skating, or just a romantic stroll; this 2004 landscaped path, has statues and an abundance of greenery to be used at any time of the day, from Mariposa Street to the border of Burbank/North Hollywood (City of Burbank, California, n.d.-a), popularly called, The Chandler Bikeway.
The cycling experience can enhance one’s well-being: spiritually, mentally, and physically. There are several reasons why people opt for the cycling experience. A study in the United Kingdom (UK) looked at 18 years of data, collected from 18,000 commuters, ages 18-65 years old (Martin, Goryakin, & Suhrcke, 2014). Several facets of one’s psychological being and the feelings that accompany them were taken into consideration, as well independent variables such as income, job satisfaction, number of children, and changes in relationship status. The results suggested that when commuters gave up driving, and opted for cycling or walking, their overall sense of well-being was enhanced, thus experiencing less stress, less strain, with an increase in the ability to concentrate. One important factor that tied the study together was the longevity of commute time. Those not driving and either walking, cycling, or using public transportation, enjoyed seeing the same people. Their regular trips would consist of: chats with regular and familiar passengers, to opportunity to relax, and to read the newspaper. Martin et al., (2014) in a corresponding study, that found an estimated $3.8 billion dollars could be saved in reduced healthcare costs as well as 1,100 lives saved in cycling, simply because ...

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(City of Burbank, 2009-c)
Finally, the Master Plan for the city of Burbank outlines several methods to keep the residents in a biking frame of mind. For example, meetings will be held involving Burbank residents and key stakeholders to organize bike events open to the community. The events might be in the form of races and give retail partners the chance to participate by offering gift cards as prizes. Not only do gatherings like this bring the community together, they enable residents with similar interests to form groups whereas they might have never met each other. Additionally, biking and bike paths afford families and friends the opportunity to spend time together, but most importantly, an opportunity to increase the overall healthiness of the city by creating opportunities for active transportation by the residents.

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