Bicycles And Society

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The Bicycle and Society Today the bicycle is seen as a choice of transportation rather than necessity, this is due to it's out dated technology. To westernized civilizations riding a bike has been seen to become a hobby. If a person was to travel down the street to the shop they would drive their car, this is because it is easier, quicker and more convenient to the person. This decision by a person is accepted by the community. As technology has improved over time the use of bicycles has decreased. Before the motor vehicle revolution bicycles were a great type of transport as it was effective for the simplicity of the design. For a person who can not afford a motor vehicle and travels on a daily basis the bicycle is one of their best options for travel. This is shown particularly in Asian countries, in Asian cities and other cities across the world the bicycle can be seen as a more effective way of transportation as they are easier to park, would not normally have to pay to park it somewhere and can be just as quick or even quicker than traveling by car due to the amount of people in cars on the road. In suburbean area's or country towns unless traveling a short distance the bicycle is not regularly seen as an option, various types of public and private transport are seen as more efficient alternatives. In recent times using a bike instead of a car for a traveling purpose is seen to be a better choice were possible for example going down to the shop, this is because it is a type of excersize rather than taking the easy and lazy option of driving a car. Riding a bicycle is efficient as it does not use non renewable resources like petrol and therefore doesn't cost the person anything. Bicycles are better for the environment and this can affect a person's decession on wether to ride a bicycle or drive a car. Bicycle's aren’t as comfortable to their substitutes as this is one of the reason's a person would use an alternate type of transportation. If it was bad weather a person would be more inclined to use a car than a bike, people are more likely to ride a bike when they know they don't have to be anywhere and are not working to a time schedule, if they know they can take their time and want to use a bicycle they are more inclined to do so.
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