Benefits Of A Working Adult Essay

Benefits Of A Working Adult Essay

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Does it benefit a working adult to get an education, or not? Plenty of people in this world have made millions of dollars without an education. However, the number of people who have not made a fortune is definitely higher. Receiving an education in this day and age is extremely expensive compared to what it used to cost a student. School can be out-right unaffordable for some people, and end up leaving them with more debt than they can repay. With so many options between trade schools, colleges, and universities a student should be able to find an education at a less expensive rate. They may have to settle for something less than an Ivy League school, but there are options out there, that will leave someone with an education they can be proud of. Getting an education can be expensive, and leave a student with debt, but it is not just about receiving debt for a degree it is about; learning, and growing as an individual, becoming who you are in the process, while setting yourself up to have a successful future.
An education is necessary, in order to have the brightest future possible in this country. There are more jobs than ever that require a high-school diploma, or a higher education degree. Jennifer Schramm states, “The majority of current job openings require either a high-school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. That means individuals entering the job market or wanting to progress in their fields will likely have to continue to invest in their education” (225).
When a student leaves high-school to get a higher education, they do not know what they are in for. They do not know what is down the road ahead of them. To be honest our school system has set us up for failure. Students are not taught how to save, and budget thei...

... middle of paper ... his four-year stint in college football at Boise State; he signed on as a professional football player with the Detroit Lions, two years later he signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Getting an education can pave the way for a student’s entire future. If Kellen had not gone to get a higher education, he never would have had the opportunity to become a professional football player. Think about how school shapes an individual. A student starts a school as one person and finishes as a completely different person.
Graduating college 20,000 dollars in debt, or more, and a degree to be proud of, is only half of the equation. It’s hard to put a price on the best life experiences, that may ever be had. Kellen Moore will never regret his decision to go to Boise State University, no matter how much debt he may, or may not have accrued. Some things are worth going into debt for.

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