The Benefits Of Higher Education

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Would it not be great to live a long and healthy life with a wonderful and powerful job that contributes to an impressively efficient economy as a knowledgeable individual? A key question being asked in this essay is whether receiving a higher education is worth paying the increasingly steep tuition costs. An excerpt from The Benefits of Higher Education says, “Both on personal and national levels, education has been shown to increase economic growth and stability” (¶ 3). Earning any sort of degree will give a person more job opportunities, as well as the intellect and knowledge that many people in this world might never have. I believe that receiving an education from a higher education institution is important because it provides a person …show more content…

Carter, PhD, explains, “Problem solving and critical thinking lie at the heart of every aspect of life…The identification and analysis of new approaches is truly the meat and potatoes of critical thinking. This requires the full range of skills that should be provided to students within the world of higher education” (¶ 5). When a person is in high school, they are taught many ways to be successful in life. Whether it is being able to strike a deal with a successful businessman or opening one’s mind to a whole different realm of job opportunities, transferring those skills acquired in high school to your college education is a step in the right direction. Collaborating with college students and professors, learning additional ways to expand your potential, and discovering more paths to new information are all examples of the potential benefits of higher learning. Whatever a student’s major is, college gives them the tools and analytical skills that could help them land their dream …show more content…

The Benefits of Higher Education states it perfectly, “After spending many years learning, people tend to feel happier and more content as they lead educated lives…Consequently, education promotes fulfilling, fuller lifestyles” (¶ 6). The types of jobs a person will be able to acquire after a college education allow more freedom and security, as well as an improved intellect. The naysayers believe that people do not need a four-year degree to acquire a job, but how many good jobs with comprehensive financial benefits do not require a four-year degree? What quality jobs are in store for an individual when they are nineteen or twenty years old with no working experience? Those kinds of jobs tend to have lower salaries with longer work hours. Higher education not only gives students more opportunities but the skills and understanding that allow them to dig deeper into more difficult situations. “After a trip through the world of higher education, you will hopefully be the person who communicates effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems. You will know to ask questions” (Carter ¶ 14). Receiving a higher education will help anyone narrow down their options and help them succeed with life’s constant challenges. Greater numbers

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  • Explains that education is directly correlated with economic growth and stability. america has a well-respected educational system and is considered to be one of the most powerful countries.
  • Explains that education is essential in improving our lifestyles and overall well-being. working excessive hours at a lower income job can be extremely discouraging and stressful.
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