How to Improve the Failing Education System in the United States

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How to improve the K-12 education system in the United States of America has been a very discursive issue over the past few decades which have caused many debates and discussions. While researching on this topic I discovered a couple of effective ways to improve this system from various publishers and authors explaining the solutions on how we can improve the educational system as we can clearly see that other countries K-12 systems have improved drastically over the past years such as the Canada, France, Austria and Ireland and that America is below average when it comes to education. The publishers mainly focus on discussing and evaluating the important methods to create a better system in the United States by relating it to the factors and achievements of the current system. My main focus in this essay is to outline the factors on how to improve education by relating it to five different educational sources that I have found within different publishers and websites. By this method we can easily spot how each publisher has a diverse idea on refining this current generation’s schooling. (
To reach my goal in this essay I will explain each method in detail to give you a good visual example of the situation to further relate it to real life occurrences. The following ways are as follows. Unfortunately, we can see that more kids are starting to fail high school and are not able to graduate as the years pass by. The percentage has become horrific in the past couple of years. To be specific, In Arizona itself only seventy percent of the people attending school are actually graduating and only two thirds attending college actually earn a degree (The Arizona Republic)
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...d quality of teachers, use of technology, competition and private and government funding to the educational system in America. Therefore I can finally state that these are the most important things needed to have a well functional and developed system.

This is not an educational issue but a political one which needs to be changed as soon as possible. The United States can no longer be falling behind on education or else the percentage of students failing to graduate high school and not attending college will just increase therefore it will create a decline in the economic status of the country as education has become the weapon and power to any society or community’s success. For example if you compare major developed countries such as Singapore and Japan you can see that their main focus is educating their kids and public in order to sustain a strong background.

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