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Being A Teacher Is Easy Essay

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“Being a teacher is easy” a stereotype that us teacher or soon to be teachers hear so much. Certain people do not understand that there is much more to being a teacher than just summers off. Becoming a teacher requires a lot of responsibility. Not just the responsibility, but dealing with the issues that come with being a part of the education foundation. Being a part of CI 204 class has opened my eye s tremendously. Each article I have read; I have learned something new that in the future will benefit me when I am a teacher. There are so many things that people are clueless about, that comes along with being a teacher. It frustrates me that there are numerous of people that believe teachers have it “easy” but I know at the end of the day all that matters are improving students lives for the better.
An important factor that teachers need to supply is motivation. I can assure you that everyone who has attended school, has had that one teacher that they are truly grateful for. In the article Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of US by Mike Rose, Rose said, “I met some teachers who had a lasting influence on the direction on my life” (Rose, 34). It is our job as leaders to motivate our children to not give up and lead them to the right direction; a responsibility that teacher should bestow on children so they can actually learn in the greatest way. Like John Dewey said “I believe that in this way the teacher always is the prophet of the true God and the usherer in of the true kingdom of God” (Dewey, 95). Our jobs are far more important than what we get create for.
As Rothstein said, “Some educators use students socioeconomic disadvantage as an excuse for failing to teach well under adverse conditions” (Rothstein 67). An ...

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...or new ideas.
Issues in the foundation of education that I need to better recognize are school reforms. I have never been much aware of how many standard test I have taken throughout my life, nor have I thought about how negative they can be. CI 204 class discussions have given me a new point of view on standardize testing. I personally would like to look more into it because of how it impacts my future students and as well teacher’s way of teaching children. My problem with the way standardize testing is setup is the way it is actually set up to “grade”. How are you to decide whether a teacher is doing their job right or not by a test. Standardized testing is essentially just a lazy way to rate student’s performance. It does not take into consideration the possible learning disabilities some students may have. Some students are just better test takers than others.

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