Essay about Becoming A Successful Teacher Is A Goal

Essay about Becoming A Successful Teacher Is A Goal

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Becoming a successful teacher is a goal I have set for myself. Teaching has always been something I have wanted to do because of my influences throughout my life. When I become a teacher I hope to accomplish many things with my future students. By the time I finish teaching I hope to leave a legacy, and hopefully inspire other students to become teachers as well.
Why I want to teach
I want to become a teacher because I want to help children in the best way possible. I believe that is through a substantial and positive education experience. Providing children with a learning experience is one of the most fulfilling gifts in life. It is fulfilling because you get to help students achieve goals, and help them to grow as individuals while they receive academic training. “Both teacher quality and teacher shortages are among the crucial problems concerning the teaching profession and teacher education” (Eren, 2012). This quote, provides another reason as to why I want to teach. I believe students deserve dedicated teachers. Teaching can be challenging though, because not all students will want help. Many students try to be independent and try to reject help, even from a teacher. Others will want help consistently, perhaps from their parents not letting them be independent at home. Being a teacher means I have to find a way to know each student’s needs to help them excel. This could include knowing their background as well. Even knowing what neighborhood they live in can help a teacher understand where the child is coming from. “Although elementary school teachers can make a difference on the life of children, it is still important to emphasize that they are not the only agent in shaping children’s lives and society. This may be necessar...

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...Leaving a legacy
Leaving a good legacy would be very fulfilling. It would mean that you did something as a teacher that students or colleagues will remember. I would hope my legacy would be that I guided each of my students on a path to their success. I would want all of my students to feel that I supported them and wanted to see them succeed. Wanting to leave a legacy will be great motivation when I start teaching. Reminding myself about my goals will keep me on a path to success.
Becoming a teacher would be an accomplishment for me. I would always set goals for myself and help my students set goals for themselves as well. Every student should have someone who believes in them and encourages them throughout the school year. I hope I get to leave a legacy wherever I end up teaching and inspire students and teachers around me.

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