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This class has given me a lot of insight about the way I want to go about teaching my classes. Not only has it given me ideas on stuff that I have never thought of but it also broke down and explained the ones that I already have seen. When I look at behaviorism now and connect it to all the things that I do in not only my classes of the past, but also my current classes, I see just how far the ideas and understanding of human learning has come. It was almost frustrating learning the history behind the idea of schooling and how it was geared not towards growth, creativity, community, and self-enhancement, but rather towards the agenda of pushing the people at the top farther ahead. To change that I can only do as much as I can to let children understand the different options that are available and hope that they also strive for something more.
As a physical educator I believe I would practice critical constructivism with a main focus on the social learning theory. Seeing that I find myself to be a better visual learner I think that its only right that I express that onto the children I teach. I think that this theory is perfect for physical education because before every lesson there should be a demonstration of the lesson that is being taught. This gives the students a good visual representation of the proper way to do what is being asked and should help with questions that they have. There is also the ability for me to allow other students to demonstrate and help their classmates with problems they may be having. I believe that its good to not always hear things from the same person and allowing other people to step in give their thoughts and ideas on any particular subject. I think this breeds learni...

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...ow that I can go out there and make the kids smile and have fun but again that's easy. I want to be the teacher that the kids remember not only because I was but but also because I taught them something and gave them a new way of critically looking at things. I think I'll be good at implementing the social learning theory because I enjoy being involved and if doing so if helpful to them then its another added bonus. I hope I can keep my ideas fresh and creative through the use of technology so I always keep the children interest and keep them motivated and wanting to learn more. I believe that if you can get a kid motivated to learn then you can find a way to teach them anything. I really think I am going to enjoy not only challenging the kids, but also challenging myself to keep finding ways to relate to each student and to get them interested and excited to learn.
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