Becoming A Human Resource Senior Certified Professional For A Successful Company

Becoming A Human Resource Senior Certified Professional For A Successful Company

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Changing directions in my career after being in the workforce for nearly fifteen years as a successful sales and marketing focused professional has become an exciting endeavor I have decided to embark upon to achieve my goal of becoming a human resource senior certified professional for a successful company or government agency within the next five years. Earlier this year I joined a local chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and began attending monthly educational training sessions on various human resources related topics to gain more knowledge of the HR industry for a position I held as business development manager for a staffing agency. I quickly realized that I truly enjoyed attending the trainings and the information I was learning. I also realized that I no longer had any desire to work in a sales or business development capacity, but instead desire to make a career change into a role that focuses solely on human resources. Though successful, I had been discontent working in various sales roles in recent years and was seeking a new career path that would be more enjoyable. I am excited to finally find something that I am passionate about. The president of the local SHRM chapter recognized my excitement and engagement as well this year and has even asked me if I he could add my name to the voting ballot as one of the potential board of directors for 2016 which I intend to take part in if elected! In addition to SHRM membership, I have also decided to further pursue graduate education as well in this area working towards a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management. I am also seeking a new employment opportunity working directly in a human resources position. Once I complete my graduate ...

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...tment manager overseeing forty employees where I gained a majority of my HR experience that I will be able to apply to future opportunities. Overall I can say without equivocation that all of my hard work and effort was well worth it!
I have always been a hard-working and dedicated employee and student. I have chosen Colorado State University Global as my school of choice to earn my Master of Science Degree in Human Resources because of the school accreditation, flexibility for working adults, and because the program is aligned with SHRM’s HR curriculum guidebook and templates. I am confident that my enrollment at Colorado State University will result in academic success and look favorably upon the school’s image. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to what the future holds for me as a student at Colorado State University Global Campus.

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