Barriers to Effective Communication Essay

Barriers to Effective Communication Essay

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1.1 Introduction:
It is a common phenomenon and indisputable fact that managers are supposed to be able to have the ability to communicate very effectively and efficiently within their companies. This is because they are the managers those who do run the company and therefore they need to be excellent in dealing with people. However, when the issue of communication is discussed, it is understood that there are more than two people in communication. Moreover, as there would be a number of people working in organisations, there is a lot of communication among companies’ staff everyday. From this context, it can easily be inferred that the organisations’ employees should also be able to communicate effectively to make sure that they do understand what other people and/or employees are talking about and to ensure that the company will be achieving its goals on time. However, not everybody has the ability to communicate effectively and that there are a number of communication barriers which may distort a message. This report will discuss the five different types of communication barriers and the ways on how managers can improve their communication skills.

1.2 Emotional Barriers:
The first barrier to effective communication can be the emotional barriers. The emotional state of a human being is directly related to his or her communication with other people (Karen S. Johnson, n.d.) On condition that a sender is not emotionally stable, it would definitely have a big impact on how he or she communicates with other people. According to Carl R. Rogers & F. J. Roethlisberger (1991), in a person with an emotional instability, the communication within themselves is broken and therefore the communication with other would also be adversely...

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