Essay The Baha’i Faith

Essay The Baha’i Faith

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The Baha’i Faith is the newest of the Abrahamic monotheistic faiths. In Baha’i Faith, there is one and only one God, meaning there is no Trinity. God is the one that created the world and everything that is on it. God is too great and subtle for human beings; therefore humans cannot capture a clear picture or have a full understand of God. One cannot see God at all because God does not have a body nor does he take shape in human flesh. One can learn about God through prayer, meditation, and study. Baha’is believes that God chose different prophets throughout history to display his will to the world. That being said, Prophets like Moses, Muhammad, Krishna, Jesus, Abraham, Buddha, and many others are considered to be messengers of that one God. Baha’u’llah is considered a prophet of god for this age. You may ask, what about individuals of different religions who pray to God by different names? Baha’is would say that even though they using different names they are still praying to the same God.
Historical Tradition/Origin of the Tradition
Bab was a young merchant and a forerunner of Baha’u’llah. Even though his given name was Siyyid 'Ali-Muhammad he took the name Bab which means “the Gate” or “Door” in Arabic. On May 23rd of 1844 Bab declared to be an independent “Messenger of God” and announced that “the universally anticipated Revelation of God to all humanity would soon appear.” His writings and teachings laid the foundation for the mission of Baha’u’llah. Bab’s announcement caught the attention of many which later became his followers and also caught the attention of “the dominant Muslim clergy.” Bab was later then beaten, imprisoned, and charged with apostasy. Over 40,000 followers were killed through persecution and genoc...

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...the economic gap between the rich and the poor.
2.) Rituals are not to be made public – Praying to God should be private and it is not encouraged to practice in public. Many member practice in their homes or local Baha’i locations
3.) Significance of marriage – Marriage is between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is not considered a good thing in this Faith.
4.) Follow the Baha’i calendar – The calendar consist 19 months and 19 days for each month. Each month commemorate a different attribute of God.
Way of Life –
• Rituals – describe at least 2 rituals and what they mean
• Ethics – What source(s) do they use? Provide a few examples of ethics.
Baha’is believes that there is no heaven or hell but more as a spiritual journey towards God. After death, one’s soul would take a journey towards God through different worlds by one’s efforts.

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