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Judaism is one of the largest and oldest monotheistic religions. It was founded by Abraham in 2500 BC. It is a religion for a Jewish people. Judaism was founded in Mesopotamia. Judaists believe that Jesus of Nazareth is their god and there are like 14 million people who follow this religion.
This religion is mostly spread in Israel, Europe and United States of America. Hebrew Bible also known as Tanakh with Talmud are their sacred text and their original language is Hebrew. The place where Jewish worship is known as synagogue. According to Jews they believe that there is only one god who created the nature. They mostly go to temple on Saturday also known as Shabbat. The three main religious movements followed by Jewish are Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Orthodox Judaism. In Judaism the laws of god are written in first fiv e books of Tanakh known as Torah. The spiritual leader of Jews people is rabbi.
The beginning of Judaism is written in the books of Genesis. Judaism history was originated by Abraham and the Hebrews. Under god command, Abraham migrated in the region of Canaan and during that time Hebrews lived in Egypt, and then after sometime they returned to Canaan. This ancient Hebrew people were semi-nomadic herdsmen and farmers, who lived in Mesopotamia. Judaism history was appointed by some historians in the form of ‘Biblical Judaism’. It is a period of time covered by the narratives of Tanakh. As we know that the history of Judaism is based on Hebrew’s Bible known as Tanakh, which tell the story about Ancient Hebrews. Tanakh also contains laws of discipline which are followed by Hebrews so they can be known as God’s people. Specifically Biblical history begins with Abraham, actually he does not discov...

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... it changes in secular calendar. The Jewish year begins in the fall with the celebrations the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah is important because it is the Jewish New Year’s Day.
The good thing about Judaism is that Jews believe that God created everything including human nature. They believe that God is everywhere and knows everything. They believe that when they die, God will judge them, and either is rewarded or punished for how they lived their life. One of the most important aspects of Judaism is the belief in God. Judaism is a religion practiced by many people all over the world. There are many traditions associated with Judaism. Jews have to follow certain laws and most importantly they must believe in one God. All of these things put together makes someone Jewish.

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