Essay about `` Bad Feminist `` By Roxane Gay

Essay about `` Bad Feminist `` By Roxane Gay

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In today’s society, the dominant ethnic group continues to be the white race, as it has been for the past few centuries. Whites can ignore what is occurring in the world since the majority of the time it does not specifically affect them. The Caucasian race is very privileged, yet they are unaware of this fact, and it is, therefore, invisible to them. There are many reasons as to why this fact is true, some of which is explained in Roxane Gay’s novel “Bad Feminist,” she outlines her views on this subject and writes about what knowledge people should have about their privilege and how they can change their perceptions. People being unable to acknowledge their privilege becomes a worldwide issue and affects the lives of many individuals worldwide. With today’s technology, society has become much more advanced, and now with the use of the media, racial discrimination is now able to spread instantly and with the amounts that it is seen and or heard in the media it has become normalized in the general public resulting in a step back in history. (Ramirez, November 16th)
Those that are privileged are often unable to see their advantages, white privilege specifically is similar to an invisible weightless knapsack, we don 't think about it, but it is always there, it 's hard to recognize something that we do not typically recognize. Distinguishing this privilege is the first step in overcoming inequality, but this process will take decades to overcome completely. Since white people being dominant has become normalized in the media, it can be tough to notice, which therefore only expands to its powerful influence. The normalization of racial discrimination in media is a major issue in society because it leads to racial discriminat...

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...e suggested that the number one reason that the N-word still exists is because of rappers and hip hop music, but this is not the case. White people have also been doing their part in helping to keep the word around in daily speech. Therefore, media used its influences to cater to white audiences rather than making their movies appropriate for all ethnic groups.
Overall, the dominant culture functions to maintain its own privilege by continuing to avoid to global issues that do not involve their race, and also by creating media, and books that make use of derogatory content without even realizing that damage that is being created. Minorities have been facing discrimination for far too long now, and the only way to put an end to this is for the white race to acknowledge the existence of their privileges and put an end to racial discrimination towards other races.

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