The Average Cow Produces Eight Gallons Of Milk Per Day Essay

The Average Cow Produces Eight Gallons Of Milk Per Day Essay

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The average cow produces eight gallons of milk per day, which is why we must milk a cow daily when they are producing milk. Now days we breed cattle to produce milk daily to supply the world with dairy products like milk and cheese. Different farms use different styles of milking parlors but the most common style for small farms is a herringbone parlors. Herringbone parlors allow cattle to enter the parlor from the holding area, on either side of the parlor. Most herringbone parlors hold six to eight cows on one side. The process of milking cattle is long and difficult, however it is important to keep the dairy cattle healthy and free of infections in the utters.
When milking cattle the first thing you must do is set up the parlor and all of the milking units. The bulk tank is the first thing you must set up by connecting the milk from the parlor to the milk tank. This is important or any of the milk you collect from the cattle with be wasted and drained out. After hooking up the pipe to the bulk tank, you must set up your floor pails. Floor pails are used on cows that can’t have their milk run through the machine, because the milk is either bad or is used in the pasteurizer for the calves. Floor pails are easy to set up, just put the seal in the lid and put the lid on the bucket. After you put the lid on you can connect the hoses. Once the floor pail is all set up it may be move into the parlor. The next step is to get clean towels and put them in the clean towel bin. The clean towel bin and the empty dirty towel bin may be moved into the parlor. A lot of farm put the clean bin and the dirt bin on opposite side of each other and in the same spot every time they milk. That makes it easy to remember which one is the dirt bin aft...

... middle of paper ... and begin cleaning the units. Spray down the units and the aisles in the parlor with a power washer. Make sure to remove any poop or dirt in the parlor. Once the parlor is all clean you may take apart the floor pail and dump any milk in the bucket down the drain. Spray out the bucket to make sure no clumps are remaining on the inside. Once clean the lid may be taken apart and put in the sink. The buck can be placed upside down on a hook to dry. Once everything is put away you may close the doors and turn off lights.
Milking cattle takes a lot of step first beginning setting up to parlor. Then getting the cattle to milk. When milking it is important to clean the utters off completely before hooking up the units. After milking you have to clean up the parlor before you can leave. All of these steps are important to keep the cattle healthy and few of infection.

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