Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder Essay

Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder Essay

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I chose to complete the Psychology 1000 Mental Disorder Project on Attention Deficit/ Hyper Activity Disorder because I was diagnosed with Predominately Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder at age 5 which caused me to struggle academically all through grade school and into high school. I was given an Individual Education Plan for mathematics in grade school that was supposed to help me succeed but hardly did that because to this day I still cannot do math at a college level. Around age 5, I was put on the methylphenidate Ritalin to help me concentrate in school but it caused stomach ulcers and I lost a lot of weight due to me getting a stomach ache after taking the pill. Even though according to Timely Data Resources Inc. they say children “are at increased risk of being overweight and the extent to which treatment with stimulant medications alters this association.” But with my personal side effects to the treatment I became extremely underweight, which lead to my doctor prescribing me the methylphenidate Concerta that is similar to Ritalin but is a time release tablet that helped me do better in school. I only had to take one pill a day unlike Ritalin where I had to take a pill with breakfast and then another one with lunch. I also gained all my weight back while taking Concerta because the ulcers and the upset stomach went away. Because I was originally prescribed Ritalin my doctor wanted to keep me on the same type of drug and according to “methylphenidate is a mild stimulant that is thought to work by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain”. Fast forward to the present, I feel like I have almost outgrown the disorder because I no longer have to take the drug to be able to concentrate...

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