Athletes Should Not Be Athlete Essay

Athletes Should Not Be Athlete Essay

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Every person has a naturally given talent, and for some people, sports and athletics are what they do best. Sports cover a wide variety of activities and every athlete strives to be the best in his or her category. Being the perfect athlete is the goal of every competitor in a game, but is often misunderstood. To be an athlete should not be about the fame or the money earned, not even the title. A perfect athlete should use his or her physical and mental abilities to encourage people.
Becoming the perfect athlete takes hard work and extreme dedication. Reaching a long term goal does not happen overnight and should test every aspect of an athlete’s determination. First and foremost, in any athlete’s career is a training regime. Every athlete knows that without practice he or she will ultimately fall short of the expected performance required in a sport. Training takes time and focus; take for example, Brandon Belt. As a nationally recognized professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants, Belt keeps a strict conditioning routine. According to SB Nation (Sports Blog Nation), a sports news website, in 2015 Belt was following a program of working out four times each week. While the exercise mainly focused on core conditioning, Brandon also began to eat healthier and raised his overall game performance. While physical strength and stamina play a big part in any athlete’s abilities, being the best on the field requires more than just muscle.
Another key aspect of an athlete’s career is education. While most student athletes emphasize more on sports than a degree, there are some who work extra hard to obtain not only a spot on the team, but a degree as well. One such example is the globally recognized NBA (National Basketb...

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...n impact on the whole world. Olympic athletes are the definition of perfection. Physically and mentally honed to peak performance, these athletes accomplish feats most people could never dream of achieving. One such athlete is Olympic medalists, Michael Phelps. Phelps has set the bar when it comes to swimming in the Olympics. Winning twenty-eight medals in various swimming competitions, Phelps is a force to be reckoned with and has inspired many incoming athletes to raise expectations and push their abilities.
Sports and athletic events have always been a part of society and will continue to influence the world. Athletes, regardless of gender, race, age, or the sport they participate in, should always use their talents to encourage people and make a positive change on the world. Athletes that follow this mentality, are on the path to becoming the perfect athlete.

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